Our first (re-)discovery of time


How to set time on UNI?

Setting Time
  1. Home position, watch runs
  2. Quick adjustment of Hour when turned anti-clockwise.*
  3. Hand-setting, watch stops

Save up to 70% energy at position 3.

*Under this function, user has to align hour and minute hands manually. So please use it only when necessary. (For 1st generation of UNI there will be no effect and watch still runs)


How to read time on UNI?

24-Hours disc as hour indicator:

  • Sunray pointing day time 6am to 6pm
  • Star pointing evening time 6pm to 6am

Minute hand pointing minute track around the dial.


What's with the cipher behind the case?

The cipher on the back cover is a time stamp. It represents the very unique moment for us to successfully funded in Kickstarter.


How to take care of my UNI?

  1. Avoid dropping the watch.
  2. Keep the watch in a cool, dry place, (preferably a watch box.)
  3. Make sure the crown is secured before subjecting the watch to water.
  4. Avoid high temperatures while wearing the watch.
  5. To help preserve the ideal condition of a leather band avoid contact with water, cosmetic products, prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  6. Cleaning leather band: Put it in a bowl of warm water and white vinegar. Leather cleaner also works well. Dry with a lint-free cloth. Be sure to dry up all of the moisture to prevent mildew.
  7. Keep the watch away from perfumes and spirits.
  8. Do not wear the watch while working out or undertaking heavy physical work.
  9. Magnetic fields: speakers and refrigerators have strong magnetic fields. Placing your watch on them could cause your watch to run erratically.
  10. Never open your watch by yourself. Leave this to a watchmaker. Opening your watch can expose it to dust, dirt, and other particles that can get inside the movement, (so it’s best to leave this up to a professional.)


How to attach/detach the leather watch band?

For dettaching the band:

Detach Leather Watch Strap
  1. Pull and hold the knob.
  2. Detach watch band.

For attaching the band:

Attach Leather Watch Strap
  1. Place watch band in position, then pull and hold the knob.
  2. Release the knob to attach.

Double check if the pin is well seated in the holes by test pulling the watch band before wearing.


How to adjust the buckle position for stainless steel mesh band?

Attach Stainless Stell Mesh Band
  1. Use a strap tool or any any shaft (small and hard enough) to lift up the locking part.
  2. Slide the buckle along the strap to adjust the size (There are shallow grooves at strap bottom to help positioning the buckle).
  3. Push down the locking part after setting the buckle position.


Is UNI water resistant?

3 ATM Water Resistant: The watch case can resist splashing, rain, and getting wet occasionally. Not recommended for training swims, snorkeling or diving.


Is there a warranty on UNI?

This ANISO watch has been manufactured according to modern methods of production and skilled craftsmanship. It has passed thorough quality tests before leaving the factory.

Therefore, we offer two years international guarantee from the date of purchase for any malfunction due to material or manufacturing defects.

Please note that the guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear of case, glass, strap / bracelet and battery. Also, the guarantee does not cover the following incidents: loss, theft, fire damage, accident or rough handling.

For all other inquiries concerning shipment, returns, etc, please contact contact@aniso.co. Please note that the customer is responsible for the cost of sending back the product to aniso.co.

Please provide us your order confirmation in your email. This order confirmation is your warranty.


How do I get a refund?

You have the right to return undamaged and unused products that are purchased on aniso.co. We will refund you only in shopping credits within 14 days upon delivery.

Notification about this shall be done immediately upon reception of the product or latest 14 days after reception. The notification shall be done to contact@aniso.co with attachment of your order confirmation.

  • The returned product shall be in an unused and undamaged state in its original package.
  • You are responsible for the shipping of returned items back to aniso.co.
  • Items lost in transportation will not be compensated for. Note that additional duties and/or taxes will not be refunded.
  • All exchanges are subject to availability.
  • For damaged or faulty products that are covered by Warranty, please contact us at contact@aniso.co.
  • Products not covered by warranty cannot be returned to aniso.co.
  • These recommendations do not represent an obligation for effectively exercising the right to cancel.
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