ANISO Creations

Time is relative, to be experienced and maybe illusive.

ANISO is inspired by our fascination with time, space and moments in life. We believe the watch on your wrist is representing your story and feelings about time. So we dedicate UNI to those seeking a unique story when experiencing every single time and moments.

The unique time display let us look at the time from a new perspective, and lead us on a beautiful journey of creation.


Our team

Raymond is a watch manufacturer, and me, Ivan, is a graphic designer. We were schoolmates, but the most interesting commonality between us for this project is that our fathers worked in the watch industry in the 1970s. Indeed ANISO's UNI would be the greatest gift we can present to them!

Raymond works for his father's watch company as early as he was still in school. As a manufacturer whose clients spread all over the world, he is undoubtedly experienced in watch manufacturing. As a designer, this gives me a valuable opportunity to explore the possibility to bring every design ideas to work. I am a graphic designer for almost 20 years, but this is the first time I design a watch. It was fun to try to bring all the idea to such a small piece of metal. I really wish we can continue this journey of time with your generous support.

- Ivan, Spring 2019


ANISO - Same Moment, Different Time

Same Moment  Different Time

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